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Why Story Matters

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Nightmare Chapter 6

By Kris Kramer A Rise of Cithria story   Chapter 6 (of 6) Read – Chapter 1 – Chapter 2 – Chapter 3 – Chapter 4 – Chapter 5 Alayna stepped quickly through the tall grass, fate driving her through a distant, lightly-trod forest path blanketed in darkness. Clouds covered the sky, blocking out the moonlight and the stars, giving them cover as they’d… Read more →

Nightmare Chapter 3

By Kris Kramer A Rise of Cithria story   Chapter 3 (of 6) Read – Chapter 1 – Chapter 2 “How many are there now?” Ansen Havarton, Steward of Breakwall Castle, leaned over the massive mahogany writing desk that filled the center of his stark office. Dozens of parchments lay scattered across the top, a regular fixture of his daily routine… Read more →

The Fall of Tavak

It’s about that time… time for a NEW LORE VALLEY BOOK! That’s right, book 6 of my Pulp Fantasy series Tales of the Lore Valley – The Fall of Tavak, is very nearly upon us. I’ve finished the main draft, and it’s going through some final edits as we speak, in preparation for online release. I don’t know exactly when… Read more →

Comic Camaraderie Redux

Some of you may have noticed (maybe not some. Maybe a few… or just me) that we weren’t at the Sci-Fi Expo this past weekend. We made that decision a while back, due to Patrick’s baby being due right around that time. Little did we know she’d be born a month early and we probably could have made the show,… Read more →

Free Books!

Not everyone may know this but I happen to have a number of free books available for download on amazon.com. Three, to be exact. If you enjoy free books, and you’d be weird if you didn’t, then DEFINITELY go to amazon RIGHT NOW and DOWNLOAD some BOOKS!!! And then maybe check out the rest of the series… Read more →