The Fall of Tavak Now Available!

For those of you who asked (I think it was one guy) the latest book in the Tales of the Lore Valley series – The Fall of Tavak – is now available on

Fans of the series should be happy to know that I’ve already started working on books 7, 8 and 9 (I write three of these at a time) but I can’t say when they’ll be ready. In between Cithria book 5, the sequel to Olympia, and the upcoming Goblin Hunter, Lore Valley stuff will end up getting pushed to the side for quite a few months. But I’ll notify everyone on my progress here or on twitter.

Anyway, without further adieu, go get yourselves a copy of my latest book!

Get it now at!

The Fall of Tavak Cover

New Assar is under siege.

After a deadly storm left dozens of Assarin nobles dead and the King of New Assar missing, the Tavak Uprising swept through the coastal villages like wildfire, rousing hundreds of Anzarins to the cause, along with their unscrupulous mercenary allies. The Tavak Army reached the gates of New Assar, leaving it in shambles as an army of enraged Anzarins stormed through the streets, destroying everything in their path. Caught in the frenzy of battle are the Wind Riders, each of whom must navigate the chaos around them in order to survive.

Jonir is dragged through the city by Nevi, the fiery Anzarin woman who wants him to see just what the Assarins he’s come to treat with are capable of. Emra debates her options with Maradin Dumon, the King of New Assar, just as her hunter returns, seeking to finally put an end to her life. Iago wakes from a fever dream, alive but seemingly cursed with a painful wound that no longer exists. All the while, Galen seeks his alliance with New Assar, and must negotiate with the enigmatic Jacyn Denridar, a man who holds the fate of the city in his hands.

Buildings burn, soldiers die, and secrets are revealed as the Wind Riders face the mistakes of their past, along with fears of their future.

Book 6 of the Tales of the Lore Valley pulp fantasy series!

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