Beta Readers needed

If cuteness is a crime, then lock me up and throw away the key.

First of all, yes, that’s a picture of a pug puppy. It’s a long-established fact in the marketing world that pictures of puppies bring in customers/viewers/clients, and when that puppy is a pug, well, take that number and add a gazillion to it. My site could use a bump in readership, so just to forewarn you, I’ll be posting a lot of pug puppy pics for a while. At least until the chubby baby cycle of pics starts up.

Anyway, to the real point of this post (lot of ‘p’ words in here…), I’m looking for a few dozen good beta readers to take a look at my newest novel, Goblin Hunter. I wrote it a couple years back, after being forced into inspiration via a trip to the Redwoods my wife set up a year before my son was born. Needless to say, once that little tyke was in the picture my writing career came to an abrupt, if not screeching, halt. But now that he’s old enough to actively try and run into traffic, I finally have some time to get back into being a semi-professional author. Which so far has meant slowly resuming work on Cithria Book 5, and getting my latest and greatest book project ready for print.

Goblin Hunter is probably best characterized as urban fantasy/supernatural, and it’s intended as the first book in a long series (maybe 10 books???), so I want to make sure I get this one right before tackling the important publishing questions. So with that in mind, I’m looking for readers who:

  1. Like to read stuff for free
  2. Can give me some basic feedback on plot and characters
  3. Can read it in a timely fashion, and
  4. Like to read stuff earlier than everyone else (and for free).

If that fits you, reach out to me on Twitter and I’ll send you a copy of the latest draft. You can follow me there @kriskramer, and I’ll make sure to have a copy of this post up there as well, just so you can make sure you’re following the RIGHT Kris Kramer.

(apparently there’s one selling jewelry, and another playing basketball somewhere in Europe)

It’s only about 77k words, so not too much to take on compared to my previous books. In comparison, I think Olympia and Sanctuary were both in the 120-130k range, along with most of the Cithria books. Also, if you end up enjoying this one, the second book in the series, Goblin Hunter: Crones, is already about halfway done, and I’ll need beta readers for that once I finish it up (hopefully before the end of 2019).