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Basketball News

Anyone who knows me knows I love basketball, and my favorite team in the world is the Dallas Mavericks. So if you’ve been keeping up with NBA news recently, you’ll understand why I’m super excited lately. This, along with drafting Luka “my current favorite player” Doncic over the summer, is why my basketball brain is going crazy right now, and… Read more →

Batman v Superman Review

In short, I liked it. It wasn’t great. I’m not fawning all over it like some of the fanboys out there. But it also wasn’t as terrible as some critics will have you believe. It was good. Maybe a little better than okay. That’s about it. There’s a pantheon of great comic book movies – The Winter Soldier, Spider-Man 2, The… Read more →

Random Thoughts – Feb 2016

Every once in a while I’m going to cheat and put out a blog post of random thoughts. Mostly just little blips or questions that pop into my head as I live my writer-liscious life. This is my way of writing a blog post without actually putting in any real effort or expending unnecessary brain power. None of this stuff… Read more →