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Card Game Update

There’s a new Dev Diary up at, this one delving a bit into the structure and rules of the game, at least from a high level. Everything is subject to change due to play testing, and we’ll have our first play test report coming soon, but I thought I’d at least share this latest update for everyone. Read more →

It’s been a while…

First of all, yes, it’s been well over a year since I’ve posted anything on this site. Having a toddler who is also a productivity vampire will do that to ya. But, it’s a new year, he’s off to a new school, and I have a few minutes to actually post an update, albeit a short one. The tldr; version… Read more →

Free Books Reminder

Just a reminder that I have some FREE BOOKS! That’s right, if you make use of Amazon’s Kindle eReader, you can download three FREE BOOKS from Amazon RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND! Want more info? Read the post below… Free Books! I usually get a pretty decent number of downloads for these FREE BOOKS but I feel the need to remind… Read more →

Author Interviews

Every once in a while I’ll do a book promotion through promo website, and included in that promotion is an author interview. I think I’ve done about a dozen or so of these by now, and they all tend to follow the same pattern. They’re a little bit impersonal and canned, with pre-listed questions that rarely get into any detail… Read more →

Do People Still Smoke?

A few years ago I took a 10 day trip to Europe with my daughter. It was my first real vacation in probably a decade, so I went all out with it, or at least as all out as I could afford at the time. Ten days spread out over stops in Rome, Florence, Milan, and finishing up in Zurich,… Read more →

A New (Hope) Home

Yes, I finally have my own website. I’m still fully involved with but I decided it was time to get my name out there along with the overall brand, and also sell some of my other books. Most of my posts here will feed into and the Facebook page, so no worries on missing out on anything important… Read more →